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Blacklight Retribution Free Codes - Home | Facebook Blacklight Retribution Free Codes. 237 likes. This page will provide free codes and cheats for the game blacklight retribution. Feel free to share please Blacklight: Retribution - Online FPS Games - The game is mostly free to play but players can spend real world money in it to acquire equipment and weapons for their characters loadout. Blacklight: Retribution is an awesome futuristic themed shooting game with some of the crispest shooting gameplay that we’ve seen in quite some time.

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Those loadout slots include not only weapons and their attachments, but also armor parts, so we are able to switch our complete build. Those builds can be shared with friends by generating a share code. With the code they can test the build in training or practice for free. Blacklight: Retribution Game | PS4 - PlayStation Blacklight: Retribution is a free-to-play first person shooter that lets you build out your character and play style using the latest in military weaponry. Customize your game experience in hundreds of thousands of ways – change every part of your weapons from magazines, scopes, barrels, and receivers to build your weapon of choice.

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If secondary rapid fire is enabled it will take place when the regular rapid fire is not actuating. For example if your regular rapid fire is only active when scoping then the secondary rapid fire will be activated when you are not using scope. [NEW] Blacklight Retribution Hack and Aimbot by ... - Vimeo blacklight hacks, blacklight retribution aimbot, blacklight retribution aimbot free download, blacklight retribution cheats, blacklight retribution hack, blacklight retribution hacks 2012, Hacks Vimeo Free-to-Play (F2P) Games | Free Games for PS4 ... - Playstation

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Overview Edit. A Loadout or Loadout Slot, is saved set of weapons, gear, and armor that a player uses during a Blacklight: Retribution match. All players start the game with three loadouts that contain the default Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, and Bolt-Action Rifle.. Players can create up to 50 loadouts inside the Loadout Manager and each loadout will save the players choices for the ...